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These are the nationally recognized holidays for people living in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is known for having nine of the 11 defined ecological zones. Nation-wide the average temperature for the year is 14-15°C (57-59°F).

As such, the pins of a Schuko may be too large to fit into a Soviet-era outlet, although the smaller Europlug will still fit.

Although the Soviet-era outlets have largely been phased out, travellers who are particularly concerned with having the ability to plug in at all times may consider packing an adapter for the Soviet-era outlets too, just in case.

Snow is rare in Baku and along the coast in general while common inland and copious in the mountains, where many villages may be cut off during the winter.

Nagorno-Karabakh Called Artsakh in Armenian, this territory controlled by the un-recognised government of Nagorno-Karabakh, remains under dispute (after a 1994 ceasefire) and can only be accessed via neighbouring Armenia.

Summers range from warm to hot (20-40°C/68-104°F) throughout most of the country, although breezes off the Caspian make life pleasant along the coast.

Nakhchivan is quite different, high and arid, summers here can easily surpass 40°C (104°F) while winter nights often drop below -20°C (-4°F)..fact the country's extreme minimum and maximum (-33°C/-27°F & 46°C/115°F) were both recorded in southern Nakhchivan!

The majority of the population (over 90%) is composed of Azeris, who share a culture very similar to Turkey.

History, with Russian and Persian influence, has left the Azeris of Azerbaijan and Iran with some moderate differences.

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