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He asks Jenna if she wants to break up with him, but she clarifies that she is not angry with him.However, when Connor makes rude comments about Clare and Clare overhears him, Jenna and Alli then explain that now they're mad.She then tells them to not tell Connor that she said that.They are briefly seen at prom together, and graduation.Alli encourages them to go without her, and they leave holding hands.

In The Time of My Life, Jenna jokingly mentions that Cliff is attractive to Clare and Alli.Connor goes even further by inviting Alli to gossip with him and Jenna about the developments with Clare and Eli.Connor and Jenna are later walking together, but he leaves her to talk to Eli, but returns saying that Eli and Clare are too complicated.Connor assumed that this meant Jenna liked him and asked her on a date. Their only relationship obsticles were Connor's aversion to sex, and desire to monopolize Jenna's time, but the couple worked through these issues in a mature fasion, and were still together by the time they graduated. In Breakaway (2), Jenna is discussing Clare Edwards' "fake boobs" rumor with Connor, K. In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), Connor and Jenna are shown talking with K. and Alli until Clare comes up and asks them for help to write an article for the holiday issue of The Degrassi Daily. He later approaches her and Alli in the hallway and gives her an orange space suit for their date later on.In Just Can't Get Enough, they are both seen in a group with K. Connor and Jenna remain silent and decline BUT they eventually decide to help Clare. Jenna is confused and asks where they are going, and Connor responds happily, "Space." Later, they enter a room and Connor makes it look like they're in a space station, and Jenna is amazed.

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In In The Cold, Cold Night (2), Jenna finds it harsh when Clare decided not to talk to Eli after they broke up, which makes Connor question why they broke up. Connor thinks Jenna wants to kiss him, so he leans in and they do for a second before pulling apart; Jenna thinks they should try again except not stop so soon this time and they both lean and kiss each other once more.

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