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Part of his preparation will be filing for bankruptcy and walking away from his home/mortgage,” says B.

I’m retired and on a fixed income, this is a lot of money for me.If you need tips on how to draw up a loan contract, let me know in the comments section below.If anyone asks to borrow money from you – boyfriend or not – the smartest thing for you to do (besides say “no”! The reason the person needs to borrow money is likely because he can’t manage his finances.Though I do have stock I could sell if need be, I don’t feel that is very wise of me to sell it at this time.” Do not put your financial future at risk because your boyfriend can’t manage his money.You can love him with all your heart, but keep your money in your savings account, stocks, and retirement investments.

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That way, your relationship will stay loving and you won’t resent your boyfriend when he gives you excuse after excuse for not repaying the money he borrowed.

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