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It was not clear whether the commander still had his post.

State broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation read out part of the ruling party statement late in the nightly news, which was led by a report on regional tourism, but refrained from publishing General Chiwenga’s statement.

Zimbabwe's army has said it has President Robert Mugabe and his wife in custody and is securing government offices and patrolling the capital's streets following a night of unrest that included a military takeover of the state broadcaster.

The night's action triggered speculation of a coup, but the military's supporters praised it as a “bloodless correction”. Y6TOdey — Doug Coltart ✊🏽🇿🇼 (@Doug Coltart) November 14, 2017was unable to verify where the military vehicles were travelling to and for what purpose.

Earlier in the day, ZANU Youth League accused the military chief of subverting the constitution.

The army said it was securing government offices and patrolling the capital's streets, after a night of unrest which included a military takeover of the state broadcaster.

“Politics shall always lead the gun, and not the gun politics.

The rising political tension comes at a time when Zimbabwe is struggling to pay for imports due to a dollar crunch, which has also caused acute cash shortages.

While Mr Mugabe’s rule has been anchored by support from the military, the ageing leader does not tolerate public challenges.

Arcturus Road [which leads to the camp] is closed and all Support Unit details with guns have been disarmed," the source said.

"It's very fluid and it's hard to say exactly how this will turn out," Mr Johnson said.

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