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The top and base are shown below the complete lantern. The "999 Model " was designed to compete with the Adam's & Westlake Company's "short-globe" models, and judging by what shows up in today's collectors' market, it never really caught on with very many railroads.

Top Row Right: A newer Dietz "#39 Standard" tall-globe bellbottom lantern with no railroad marking and a clear, unmarked globe. The Dietz company itself continued to be owned by the descendents of the original founders and produced lighting equipment of various kinds until 1992, when the name and production equipment were sold to an overseas concern.

Both of these "#39 Standard" models reflect the effects of the Dietz Company's purchase of the Steam Gauge & Lantern Company in 1897 after a fire destroyed the Dietz factory. Note the insulated bail, which was designed to protect trainmen in electrified territory. Notes: Information sources are Barrett and Pearson.

In order to get the business back up quickly, Dietz purchased all of Steam Gauge's assets, including designs and tooling. This particular lantern was found in the Pacific Northwest and was likely used on the Milwaukee Road's electrified Pacific Extension. Special thanks to those who contributed photos and/or information.

The line was introduced in 1887 and succeeded by the "#39 standard" model in the very early 1900's.

[photos courtesy of Barry Bock]Top Row Center: A Dietz "#39 Standard" tall-globe bellbottom lantern with no railroad marking and a red, unmarked globe.

Thanks to our networking efforts with various antique dealers around the company, customers have a convenient, centralized location to acquire these unique models.

In addition, we also offer a wide variety of Dietz lantern parts in order to help customers with broken or older models improve them.

Each unique model can fit the needs of a customer in a variety of ways.Each style of Dietz Lantern is developed with a specific application in mind.Some models have higher-capacity tanks while others have become favorites due to their lightweight and portable structure.Since 1840, the Dietz Company has established itself as such a top choice with its superior variety of utility-type lanterns.Stylish and classy, these products can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

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