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You can’t over-protect us, but you can’t under-protect us, either. We seek deep meaning in all our relationships, but sometimes we care much.

At times we might not want to hear about the harsh stuff because we’re overly sensitive.

People’s suffering affects us a lot so don’t be fooled into thinking we’re surfacey and don’t care; it’s quite the opposite.

So don't judge us for watching dumb reality shows - sometimes we just need a break from our mind-numbingly introspective heads. We're complicated and have a lot of layers, there's going on in our heads at all times.

We always know when you're lying, even to yourself. Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have found the most distant star ever discovered.The hot blue star existed only 4.4 billion years after the Big Bang.Highly sensitive people will have more empathy and feel more concern for a friend's problems, according to Aron.We’ll always be naturally in tune with how you’re feeling, so we’ll be able to see through any front you put up and make you jump into the deep end.

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