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Almost all organised crime in the UK is bound up in the control and supply of drugs.

Police believe this is responsible for more than half of all the illegal activities of these groups.

The door men, who are part of criminal organisations, allow only their own dealers into the premises or are paid a percentage from freelance traffickers.

In Newcastle the fierce rivalry between different groups of bouncers has led to a number of shootings.

Britain does not have a "Mr Big", or single national organisation that controls the distribution of drugs, with gang members in every city and an interest in every major scam.

But we do have an increasingly violent and sophisticated number of organised outfits.

Suddenly, he is hacked down with four blows from a meat cleaver.

In one, Andrew Mc Laughlin, 31, opened his door to an unknown man who blasted him with a shotgun. In May, David Ungi, 36, died under a hail of bullets after his car was blocked by a black VW Golf at a crossroads in Liverpool.

By investing in the UK, criminal groups can hide their original source and obtain a legitimate cover for their income.

This technique enables foreign criminals to gain a foothold here without stepping on British soil.

It is this concern that has prompted the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) to compile a gangland register.

From October six police forces and customs officers will provide details of suspected organised criminals.

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