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In most Jamaican households the woman wears the pants.This position is passed down from generation to generation, and from household to household.There's the Washington Monument *camera pans to the eponymous monument* And there's the Obama Monument.*camera pans to a larger, black version of the monument positioned right next to the Washington Monument*.comics), ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes long. The comedy in these shorts tends to vary wildly between Black Comedy, pop-culture parody and satire, out-and-out surrealism, or some combination of the three. Sure he runs the empire, but he can't running the show.

Until the late 20th century, it was commonly accepted that black men made no effort to control their sex drives, and, in some time periods and regions, a lot of nasty stuff was done to black males on the paper-thin excuse that they had posed a sexual threat to someone, often white women.

These are the types, who fight with other girls, sometimes fight with men, who swear, who have no self respect, who have multiple baby fathers, who will say anything just to get what they want.

You will know if you are presently dating a Dutty Jamaican Gal.

Also unlike the modern trope about Black men, the Greeks thought this about everyone who wasn't Greek, not just Africans.

The Romans, who were by their own admission a less intellectual culture than Greece, were particular targets of the "big-penis" form of Hellenic derision ("Look at Julius with his big cock!

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