Dating a furry

How much do you love your furry/scaly/feathery little friend?

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It is possible to buy a shtreimel made of synthetic fur, which is more common in Israel.

Usually the bride's father purchases the shtreimel for the groom upon his wedding.

It comprises a large circular piece of black velvet surrounded by fur.

The shtreimel of Menachem Mendel Schneersohn (the Tzemach Tzedek) was from white velvet.

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Nowadays, it is customary in America to purchase two shtreimels: a cheaper version, called the regen shtreimel ("rain shtreimel"), used for occasions where the expensive one may get damaged.

In Israel, due to the economic circumstances of most members of the Hasidic community in that country, the vast majority of shtreimel-wearers own only one shtreimel.

While there is strong religious custom for Jewish males to cover their heads, from the standpoint of Jewish law there is no special religious significance to the shtreimel as compared to other head coverings.

However, the wearing of two head coverings is considered to add additional spiritual merit, plus the presence of beautiful craftsmanship adds beautification and honor to the custom.

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