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The only problem is that this is one of the very few biblical proof-texts that have ever been offered to justify animal death as a consequence for human sin in the first place.

) for all death and illness and disorder and pretty much any bad thing that’s ever happened (even though, again, the Bible says nothing remotely like that). When God first commands Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge, he warns him what the punishment will be for disobedience: “You will surely die.” The woman hadn’t been made yet at this point in the story, but based on her reference to the penalty during her conversation with the serpent, we can assume the message got passed along in some fashion. ” Well, the thing is, there’s a little more to it than that.When any human being older than a zygote qualifies as having “begun to die,” I think the phrase has pretty much lost all meaning as a concept. I think the only interpretation that makes sense is the only one that made sense of Romans 5 and 7 earlier in this post: spiritual death.Humans did not physically die the first time we disobeyed God, nor did we lose the immortality we supposedly enjoyed (for a few minutes, anyway) after our original creation. (Collapses to the ground.) I had to take out some subtext to simplify things for our purposes, but that’s basically it. Really, quite, terribly, awfully, really-are-you-serious-with-this-theology? Genesis makes it abundantly clear: Have a little nibble on the fruit of the tree of life and you live forever. This presents a huge problem for the young-earth view, because they believe physical death was not part of God’s original creation. I hope it sparks some good discussion, but I also hope it illustrates that the young-earth crowd have the market cornered on biblical truth like they pretend they do, and that, really, their pie-in-the-sky claims fail on theological grounds, without ever having to get into the finer details of the fossil record or the human genome. Literalists often pretend like the purpose of the tree is vague and unclear, but the truth is — unlike many things in Genesis 1-3 — the power possessed by the tree of life isn’t vague at all.

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That’s why I’ve prepared the following list of questions, painstakingly compiled through my years of intense research working on this site. The tree of life, so named in Genesis 2:9, is one of the most baffling of the many problems spawned by the literal interpretation of the creation accounts.

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