Couple dating from the biggest loser

The one-pound penalty Dan earned at the challenge is critical because without the penalty it would have been Joelle up for elimination instead.The other members of Bob's team had stated that had Joelle fallen below the yellow line, they would have voted her out.The contestant finishing in last place will receive a one-pound-penalty at the weigh-in.Tara wins immunity, with Blaine coming in second, Mandi in third, and Helen in fourth. Mike, Damien, Kristin, Joelle, Filipe, and Jerry are the next six to finish, with Dan finishing last.They choose as follows in this order: All the contestants are later taken to a hospital to review their previously-conducted medical test results with Dr. The tests reveal the extent obesity has affected all of the contestants' health. Each team must run across the bridge, climbing over a large pile of sand placed in the middle, and then back, climbing again over the sand.The first five teams to finish move on to the second round where they run the bridge again.As Jerry was not present at the first weigh-in to determine the contestants' starting weights due to his fainting spell, they weighed him in at the hospital, and his starting weight was announced as 369 lbs.

The Black team (Blaine & Dane) has the largest percentage of weight loss, while Jerry and Dan both fall both below the yellow line.Meanwhile, the trainers are watching the contestants on closed-circuit television.During this self-led workout, Jerry (White) passes out and is taken to the hospital.The average age of the contestants is 34; they take a total of 45 different medications, making them both the sickest and the heaviest group of contestants to date.Before they meet trainers Bob and Jillian, the contestants are told to do the first workout on their own in the gym.

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