Consolidating sallie mae loans federal loans

A typical approved borrower (or co-signer) has a 748 credit score.Sallie Mae did not indicate the typical income or debt-to-income ratio of its borrowers.In addition, Sallie Mae offers 12-month interest-only repayment after finishing college.

Borrowers can choose to start making interest-only or fixed payments while they’re in school, or defer payments until after they graduate or drop below half-time enrollment.Please give me some advice how to get out of my Sallie Mae debt that started at 0,000 and with interest is now at 0,000 I want to pay it back and not live with these forever! Jenny Dear Jenny, Student loan debt is a crisis in America. It's just a future obligation paid for with money from labor and based on receiving something presently.While your situation is tragic, it is unfortunately not all that uncommon. The issue with the massive amount of debt you incurred is a problem in the educational process.That’s why Nerd Wallet’s private student loans ratings reward lenders that offer a variety of loan terms, limit their fees and penalties, and extend borrowers multiple options to avoid default.Points are also awarded for soft credit checks, underwriting transparency and other consumer-friendly features.

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