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Media integrity is at risk when small number of companies and individuals control the media market.Media integrity refers to the ability of a media outlet to serve the public interest and democratic process, making it resilient to institutional corruption within the media system, economy of influence, conflicting dependence and political clientelism.

Globally, large media conglomerates include National Amusements (Viacom and CBS Corporation), Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, Sony, Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, Hearst Communications, MGM Holdings, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System, New Fox, Grupo Globo (South America) and Lagardère Group.

Consequently, if the companies dominating a media market choose to suppress stories that do not serve their interests, the public suffers, since they are not adequately informed of some crucial issues that may affect them.

Concern among academia rests in the notion that the purpose of the First Amendment to the US constitution was to encourage a free press as political agitator evidenced by the famous quote from US President Thomas Jefferson, "The only security of all is in a free press.

For those critics, media deregulation is a dangerous trend, facilitating an increase in concentration of media ownership, and subsequently reducing the overall quality and diversity of information communicated through major media channels.

Increased concentration of media ownership can lead to the censorship of a wide range of critical thought.

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An example would be the repeated refusal of networks to air "ads" from anti-war advocates to liberal groups like Move, or religious groups like the United Church of Christ, regardless of factual basis.

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