Chris harrison and emily maynard dating reality steve updating 1980 s hair styles

It still somehow managed to be one of the series' most boring breakups, but what else could we really expect? You’re about to propose to someone else, and you’re telling another woman you love her? Becca arrived shortly after and walked past several grazing alpacas on her way to Arie.

I had no idea they were inviting some of the eliminated women back for the proposal…

After both dates were over, Arie was still clearly conflicted over who was meant to be his wife.

This might be the most torn a has ever been, making his decision to propose pretty disturbing.

Becca understands how different she is from Lauren, so for Arie’s family to kind of say they were interchangeable is kind of a slap in the face.

As Becca said, it’s like comparing an apple to a starfish.

alum Chris Bukowski to write a recap and help us stay up to speed on who went home each week.

Becca was fairly upset offscreen at the comment, which I can totally understand.

I know if I brought Lauren home, my family would have been bored out of their mind and giving me the side eye all night during our extremely silent dinner.

Arie’s family was rather conflicted after meeting with Becca because they seemed to take to her as well.

Shortly after, we cut back to Chris Harrison in the studio where he had Caroline in the hot seat.

Chris mentioned Caroline’s speech during , where she basically told Arie he was a scumbag for doing “what he did.” It looks like Caroline still feels the same way about Arie for his controversial decision that we will get to shortly. Arie let her know they would be going to Machu Picchu.

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Lauren finally completely opened up to Arie during the evening portion of their date; it was the hail mary of all hail marys.

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