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How crazy is it to think when you’re with someone and you both climax, and have that feeling of LIFE, ultimately, in that moment, you just physically created life with that person. Before my surgery, on average, I had to spend 20 minutes every morning cutting out strips of duct tape, wrapping my penis in toilet paper, taking that tape, sticking it from my shaft, pulling it all the way up into my ass and repeat. Yes, it’s nice to walk out my door and be identified as a woman by the public eye, but I had to see that for myself before they could.A typical day for me might consist of shaving not only my face but entire body.Questions like how I have boobs, if my voice is real, if I used to be the star quarterback in high school, and most importantly, whats going on “down there,” if you get what I mean.

However, it’s hard when you’re a person who goes through dysphoria only to find out a guy is only attracted to you and your friends primarily for the one thing you hate most about yourself. and fun to have things inside but without attention, it can close up!

My body wasn’t my enemy anymore and for the first time — as cheesy as this sounds — I felt free.

I don’t think any minute I have left on this universe can compare to the first minute I had with my neo vagina..

That includes my arms, my cute butt, my knuckles, the back of my neck, etc. ) Then, if it’s due, I Inject myself with estrogen, which is something I will do for the rest of my life and has cost me thousands of dollars just in the last four years.

Then, after putting on makeup to conceal any little detail that hints “man,” I head to work.

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Twelve months ago in a cold operating room, lying on an even colder surgery table, I was preparing to go to bed and wake up to the answer to the wish I had begged for every night for the last 18 years.

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