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Jezebel, the women-focused website with a penchant for feminism and cute animals, recently declared the beginning of a new era with the eye-catching headline: “New Trend: Men Wanting Babies, Women Wanting Freedom”.

Do you believe it should be illegal to discriminate in hiring based on someone’s sexual orientation?

I’m single…and totally bored with articles complaining about the questions singles are asked by concerned friends and family (see for example, “I’m Single… For several decades, the supposedly offending questions have not changed: Why aren’t you married? In a piece published at Salon this morning, Anna March argues giving men the option to deny child support will improve the economic conditions under which women are raising children.

That claim might seem counter-intuitive, but the argument is entirely consistent with economic theory.

Here is a question you might never want to ask the person you love (but that maybe you should): If we were no longer together, do you think you would be happier?

My guess is that you think you already know the answer to this question.

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