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Heather informed me that it was actually model #FI8910W, a version that launched three years ago, and the Schrecks had been using it since little Emma was born.

"There were no hardware issues with this camera,” said Foscam COO Chase Rhymes.

To use the site's full features, you need to allow viewing Flash content in your browser.: A young couple settled in for the night, only to be startled awake by a disembodied voice screaming at their 10-month-old baby in her bedroom.This scene isn't from a scary movie, but the real-life drama that unfolded last week in Hebron, Kentucky, was no less horrifying.Sometime around midnight, parents Heather and Adam Schreck said a hacker accessed the Foscam Internet camera the couple was using as a baby monitor, and yelled out, “Wake up baby! ” Heather Schreck checked the camera through her smartphone and saw it panning around.When Adam bolted into the baby's room, it pivoted to face him and then started hurling a stream of epithets.

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