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Anytime names were dropped that listed the late, the great and the faithful among us you could always count on Wallace’s name being in the mix.

And yet I find that the position he advanced is given a passing notice at best, and summarily dismissed as totally unworthy of serious consideration while obeisance is given to the common view. This dating structure does not fall along liberal/conservative lines, except as some may choose to make of it what they will.

Third, it explains major redemptive-historical matters involved in the New Testament.

For example, it depicts the demise of Judaism as an enemy of Christianity (Rom. With the removal of the temple system the church would grow unimpeded.

comes from a Latin word meaning, “gone by,” or “past.” It understands the majority of prophecies in Revelation 4-22 as being fulfilled in John’s day.

Every book had an immediate application to persons and circumstances peculiar to the time that it was written. Woods said, “Passages must be allowed to have their original significance, and that alone; and any other usage is a deceitful handling of God’s word” (, pgs. One of the main problems facing the preterist view among our brethren is that many tend to assign it exclusively to the radical Max R.That is, just as some of the Old Testament prophets warned of soon-to-come events in the Babylonian captivity, so John warned of catastrophic events that his readers would suffer.Second, it is consistent with the time-frame statements in Revelation that denote a temporal expectation (Rev. These verses are the very impetus for the preterist approach.The only source for the 95 date was Irenaeus, who by the way said that Jesus died at 50 years of age! Finally, Moses Stuart writing in 1835 said that in his day the majority of scholars held to a pre 70 AD date. ”The book of Revelation was written by the apostle John (Revelation 1:1, 4, 9; 22:8). On the other hand, the view that the apostle John penned Revelation near the end of Domitian’s reign was widely held in the early church. That is the internal evidence of the book and the external testimony of early church fathers. The bigger question is what did the early church fathers actually say about the book of Revelation?

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This is a consequence of the belief that most of the prophecies in the book point to the beginnings of Roman persecution of the churches of Christ under Nero along about AD 64-70; including the Jewish revolt and the Roman civil war resulting in the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in AD 70.

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