Bipolar disorder dating relationships

From the wise words of Eckhart Tolle, “You will never find salvation in a relationship.” Stop looking for happiness in your partner. Which leads us to the next point…One of the most important factors in the health of any relationship is how you handle your emotions.In fact, the rare high-quality man has total control over his emotions.And, you’ll never find a true alpha male falling into an argument with his girl.He’ll just throw her purse out the door and tell her to go home and cool off (that’s what I do and it works extremely well).It’s a complete waste of time and all you’re doing is turning her more and more off.

Furthermore, I am aware that Bipolar is a serious issue. But, what I will say, is that attaining complete control over your mental and emotional state gives you the best shot at a better relationship. So, let’s focus on achieving imperfection that satisfies you and your partner. You will lower your stress levels, you will feel happier and you’ll have more confidence.He doesn’t ignore his emotions, but they don’t control him. Most people are actually controlled by their emotions. They can’t escape the constant thoughts and feelings.Do you now see why BPD relationships require emotional control? You will never escape the pain of the BPD relationship until you do.This is because the only thing that matters is what’s going on right now at this moment in your BPD or Bipolar relationship. A BPD relationship is already chaotic enough as it is. Study the mindsets that I teach and you’ll see where you make mistakes. Therefore, you must change the way you think about human attraction.Do you know what happens when you’re thinking about past or future events? As you develop inner awareness, you will begin to correct common mistakes. Studies have proven over and over again that we’re attracted to individuals who “vibe” with us. It’s a complete shift in thinking that extends beyond intimate relationships. Well, that’s how your partner feels about you when you’re trying so hard to make things better. Let him or her miss you for a bit while you do your own thing. I know you have a good heart and you’re trying to make your BPD partner as happy as possible.

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