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Though the details of neurochemical involvement in schizophrenia change as new findings accumulate, the essential neurochemical basis of schizophrenia has been quite firmly established and would now appear to be beyond question.Considered as a group and compared to normal people, schizophrenics show observable functional deficits as well.In addition to structural differences, schizophrenic brains also show neurochemical differences when compared with normal brains.The brain uses a number of chemical messengers, called neurotransmitters, to communicate among its millions of individual neurons.

However, there is most often no obvious single point of structural damage (a "lesion") to point at as the specific location in the brain where schizophrenia is happening.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder I, Peck compares the task of guiding his 4,000-pound, 800-horsepower truck on an off-road course, to learning how to balance the ups and downs in his life.

Racing is the only time when he feels somewhat in control of his mind and his thoughts, and can experience “true mental peace,” says Peck, adding that the act of racing and the focus attained, is actually part of his treatment regimen.

They also tend to confuse the right and left sides of their bodies more frequently than normal people.

Such well documented observations of sensory processing problems suggest impairments or irregularities in the way that schizophrenics' brains are wired.

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