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The once-pedestrian act of sharing phone numbers is the new “show me yours, I’ll show you mine” -- an act of trust that indicates an escalation of romantic interest.San Franciscans will only date people who live within a 15-minute Muni ride radius, so you better hope that your bus comes on time.

Major life benchmarks like buying houses, having kids, and “settling down” are pretty much permanently on hold throughout your dating pool.

And you’d better believe I drop everything to scour that profile for publicly available sexy pictures.

Listen, I know millionaires in San Francisco who still have housemates because they otherwise can’t make the rent.

Rarely does a day pass when Facebook doesn’t do something exceedingly creepy to make you wonder how it spies on you with such ruthless efficiency.

I don’t know how the site determines which “People You May Know,” but many people I’ve matched with on dating apps suddenly show up there.

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