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We do not have any remote access or any access whatsoever to your computer.

1) You can ask your ISP (ISP = Internet Service Provider - the one you pay your internet bill to). Prefix to your ISP name, then press the Send-Test button and see if you get a confirmation.

1) Make sure you have the Keylogger latest version.

2) In General settings screen check the Hide entry from the windows startup list box.

2)Go the folder you installed it and press on the file. 3)If you do not know where you installed it then Reinstall the Keylogger. We do not have any remote access or any access at all to these logs.

We do not have any remote access or any access at all to your Keylogger settings.

7) In General settings screen press the Remove icons and entries from start-menu and uninstall list button.

All In One Keylogger also monitors the internet activity by logging all URLs the user visits, the time and title of the active application, microphone sounds and clipboard.You can use your own address or open a free new one at Gmail/Yahoo/Live/GMX/AOL etc.SMTP Server - you can use your own or choose one of the many free SMTP mail services on the Internet.If you can not use your ISP SMTP then you can always open a free SMTP account with Gmail/Yahoo/Live/GMX/AOL etc.And have Keylogger to send you the logs using that SMTP account to any email address you want.

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