Are strong women intimidating to men

But in Wicca both forms of Divinity are not only honoured, but required.It is the dance of the Goddess and God together that creates life.We must all practice these qualities, if humanity is to survive.While Wicca might appear a little different to men than the usual cultural values, Wicca is an excellent place for men to learn and practice these life-affirming skills. I'm always surprised when people ask that, but it seems a fairly common misconception. There are plenty of men in Wicca, and plenty of philosophical room for men as well. And because of the kind of "masculine values" that God-worship provides.

Real life, though, doesn't divide up these qualities.Alternatively, that's why so many women are attracted to is one of the few religions that even acknowledge the Feminine Divinity, let alone worship Her as equal and perhaps slightly primary to the God.Wicca Spirituality practices something that Reclaiming calls "power with," in contrast to a cultural norm of "power over."So women being powerful priestesses does not mean that men are kept powerless. With the empowerment of both genders, we each become fulfilled and powerful in ways that were impossible as long as one aspect was repressed and denied.Wicca, especially Wicca Spirituality, is based on so-called feminist values, such as...

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Add to that the trouble many men have, with their own power.

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