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In 1912, it was suggested that a specially formed company should take over from the Surplus Lands Committee and develop suburban estates near the railway.that Metropolitan Railway Country Estates Limited (MRCE) was formed.The word 'suburbani' was first used by the Roman statesman Cicero in reference to the large villas and estates built by the wealthy patricians of Rome on the city's outskirts.Towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty (up until 190 AD, when Dong Zhuo razed the city), the capital, Luoyang, was mainly occupied by the emperor and important officials; the city's people mostly lived in small cities right outside Luoyang, which were suburbs in all but name.By the mid-19th century, the first major suburban areas were springing up around London as the city (then the largest in the world) became more overcrowded and unsanitary.A major catalyst in suburban growth came from the opening of the Metropolitan Railway in the 1860s.In general, they have lower population densities than inner city neighborhoods within a metropolitan area, and most residents commute to central cities or other business districts; however, there are many exceptions, including industrial suburbs, planned communities, and satellite cities.

Due to the rapid migration of the rural poor to the industrialising cities of England in the late 18th century, a trend in the opposite direction began to develop; that is, newly rich members of the middle classes began to purchase estates and villas on the outskirts of London.

As populations grew during the Early Modern Period in Europe, urban towns swelled with a steady influx of people from the countryside.

In some places, nearby settlements were swallowed up as the main city expanded.

In most English-speaking countries, suburban areas are defined in contrast to central or inner-city areas, but in Australian English and South African English, suburb has become largely synonymous with what is called a "neighborhood" in other countries and the term extends to inner-city areas.

In some areas, such as Australia, China, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and a few U. states, new suburbs are routinely annexed by adjacent cities.

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The terms inner suburb and outer suburb are used to differentiate between the higher-density areas in proximity to the city center (which would not be referred to as 'suburbs' in most other countries), and the lower-density suburbs on the outskirts of the urban area. Inner suburbs, such as Te Aro in Wellington, Mt Eden in Auckland, Prahran in Melbourne and Ultimo in Sydney, are usually characterised by higher density apartment housing and greater integration between commercial and residential areas.

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