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Meanwhile, Franco, who presumably was off studying in his other life as a Ph. student at Yale University, has built his career by appearing in the spectacularly successful .On the East Coast, the Oscar casting picked up several good notices.“We have a concept [but] we can’t elaborate on it very much at this point since it’s still in progress,” Mischer said of the road that led to the current hosts.“We felt that an interesting thread running through the show is the enduring power of motion pictures.As a film producer, casting is always one of the most important and most fun parts of the process.So Don and I were looking for a combination that you hadn’t seen before, but when you heard it, you thought, ‘That’s exciting’.” They approached Franco and Hathaway individually and pitched their concept, and then Franco and Hathaway spoke with each other before committing.“The Oscars are the chance for the movie industry, one night a year, to entertain the world and remind the world that movies have been entertaining the world for generations.That just kept feeling [like it called for] movie stars to us.

And it hasn’t been since 1957 that a man and a woman have co-hosted together, so we thought it was time for a male movie star and a female movie star to co-host.First, her co-hosting experience at the 2011 Oscars with James Franco. Having a terrible fashion moment at the 2014 Oscars!Find out what Hathaway had to say about both experiences in the video!But according to Cohen, once he and Mischer hit upon the idea of two hosts, it was the matter of finding the right combination, which meant looking beyond the usual list of stand-up comedians.“We started looking at the idea of movies stars,” he said.

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While some skeptics found the choice of two non-comedians an odd one, both Franco and Hathaway have hosted — where Franco impersonated James Dean and Hathaway offered up a wicked parody of Katie Holmes — proving their ability to handle live situations.

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