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But when it comes to promoting Judaism and its Anti-Christian agenda, Jews abandon their pet phrase, “Separation of Church & State,” and press full throttle ahead in pursuit of fusing Judaism with the State.Recently, yet another Jewish organization, The Institute For Jewish Law, hosted a Kosher dinner in the Supreme Court Building.All three girls will make your mouth water with perky little tits and tight smooth snatches.These girls fuck the hell out of their guys and switch off a bit before the jizz shoots.Associate Supreme Court judge, Antonia Scalia, who recently appointed to his staff, two Talmudic Jews, Attorneys Moshe Spinowitz and Yaakov Roth, wrote a letter to the Institute’s founder, Attorney Noson Gurary, saying, “Jewish law is one of the oldest and most highly developed systems and the study of its legal traditions is beneficial.” What Scalia failed to mention is that “Jewish Law,” as applied to the Gentiles, are the Noahide Laws, which calls Christianity “a religion of idolatry.” The are based on Talmudic passages which calls for the death penalty of Christians: “According to traditional rulings, christians are idol worshippers.” (Likkutei Sichos 8) “A gentile is liable for the death penalty if he has invented a religious holiday for himself.” (Hilchos Melachim 10:9) “Extermination of the christians is a necessary sacrifice.” (Zohar, Shemoth) On December 1 2008, Supreme Court judge, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an advocate of abortion who cites anti-slavery laws to protect women’s’ autonomy, spoke at a synagogue in Washington DC about her Jewish heritage.“The change in US acceptance of Jews can be seen on the Supreme Court where two members are Jewish, myself and Judge Stephen Breyer,” Ginsberg told her Jewish audience.Benta is a very cute tiny tits teen girl with a sweet body and hot wet pussy. €™s brains loose and he loves to turn her and bend her over. JOIN RIGHT NOW and Get Access To a Huge Teen Video Archive!

The title of the article tells it all, “Rahm Emanuel: Attack Dog, Political Wonk, Committed Jew.” What matters to these Jewish Media Moguls is not the party, not the moral character, nor the political platform of Emanuel, but rather Emanuel’s wrote Henry Ford in his Dearborn Letters, “it is power.” “Wherever the seat of power may be, thither the Jews swarm obsequiously.With cum squirting all over the place and huge tits flapping wildly in this desperate world, now's your chance to watch all the Teen Titan's fuck each other while Batman gives Catwoman the cock drilling of her life. Whoever your favourite superhero is, you'll almost definitely find them on here partaking in some hardcore fucking. The Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank which is neither “federal” nor has any “reserves,” has as its Chairman & Vice Chairman, the Zionist Jews, Ben Shalom Bernanke & Donold L Kohn.The Zionist Jew, Randall S Krozner, is also on the 5 member Board of Governors.

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