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(And ladies, let’s be fair here,the guys aren’t the only ones hanging on to anger and hurt and disappointment.) But there are also a lot of men and women out there who have learned from their mistakes, who want to find love and do better this time.Not to mention the folks who had it pretty good the first time around and are looking for someone to love again.If you bring your own foursome, most of your socializing will probably take place in the clubhouse after your round.

Most of us get tear-our-hair-out frustrated by the frequent negativity of the male mind, and hanging out with a bunch of men who’re actively seeking to live a more positive, meaningful, inspired life is a good place to start.

Sure, it feels true when you’re sitting across the table from your blind date — a guy who wears black socks with sandals and whines about how his seventh divorce really was all his wife’s fault, because frankly, in his opinion, all women are inherently evil gold diggers or both.

But there are a lot of decent men and women who are single and looking for someone to love: maybe they made a few mistakes in their first marriage; maybe they’ve never been married; maybe the spouse they loved has passed away.

Charities are always looking for warm bodies to help with auction items, ticket taking, setup, and other odd jobs on the day of the event. Checking people in at the door – you’ll get to meet every person who attends and better yet, you’ll know if that sharp-dressed charmer has tickets for two.

Plus, it won’t be blatantly obvious that you’re flirting up a storm, because it’s your job to be charming and nice.

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Yes, the crowd will be 70 percent women, but the men will be good ones.

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  1. Threatening emotions like fear or loneliness can provoke a powerful fight or flight response in an emotionally disconnected person, notes clinical social worker David S. If your man is disconnected from his emotions, he will either get angry and provoke an argument or go silent and withdraw from communication when what he is really feeling on the inside is some form or sadness or fear.