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First, it's damned-if-you-do or damned-if-you-don't from the JW perspective.If my life turns out amazing post-JW, then Satan is blessing me.

He seriously gets off to the control he has over nitpicking the "brothers" with everything having to do with stage and mic handling.I knew some counsel was coming either way because it always does." He was taken aback, but hopefully he got the message to leave me alone.Maybe this incident will remove me from this "privilege"? On the way home, I was expressing my frustrations with the elder to my wife.While I do think the story overall is unimportant, I do think it illustrates the power dynamic that is so prevalent in many congregations. When I was as young as 5, I would have horrifying nightmares about Armageddon.If the changing of doctrine on a dime or the lies do not wake a person up, the culture of being a Jehovah's Witness may be all they eventually need in order to question things... I was always so scared of Armageddon coming and how “close” they said it was that I stopped sleeping at night. Of course, I was afraid of other things as well but I mainly was so scared of Armageddon it distracted me from being a normal child.

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