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Consumers endorsed 7UP as a viable, thirst-quenching alternative to colas.

The UNCOLA tag immediately joined the nation’s vernacular and remained synonymous with 7UP, despite subsequent campaigns that featured new slogans.

The popular “Make 7UP Yours Campaign” continued in 2003 debuting comedian/actor Godfrey as the bumbling 7UP guy. Grigg never explained the origin of the soft drink’s name, many stories abound.

In 2000, 7UP debuted a bolder, cleaner, more contemporary packaging graphics image, focused at, but not exclusive to, 12- to 24-year-old consumers. The most popular story is that Grigg named the soft drink after he saw a cattle brand with the number “7” and the letter “U”.

Cherry 7UP, Diet Cherry 7UP and Diet 7UP also received flavor enhancements in 2000. Other stories suggest that the name reflects the drink’s seven flavors and carbonation, or that Grigg came up with the name while playing dice.

Dear Folks, I have a small collection of 7up bottles etc and I really enjoyed reading the history of 7up, I learned a lot.

In July 1996, the company changed its name to Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. It’s An Up Thing” became an instantly accepted tagline for the product as part of a new advertising campaign to relaunch the revitalized brand.

New advertising creative featuring actor/comedian Orlando Jones and the slogan “Make 7UP Yours” was launched in late 1999.

Seven natural flavors blended into a savory, flavory drink with a real wallop.” Acknowledging the success of the 7UP trademark in 1936, Grigg changed the name of The Howdy Corporation to The Seven-Up Company.By the late 1940s, 7UP had become the third best-selling soft drink in the world.In 1967, The Seven-Up Company introduced the UNCOLA advertising campaign, which sent 7UP sales rocketing nationwide.The Spot character was eliminated with this graphics change.A 20-ounce package featuring a splash design and unique easy-to-grip bottle was designed and introduced to gain market share in a variety of single-serve purchase locations.

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In 1970, The Seven-Up Company introduced sugar-free 7UP, which was an immediate success among the growing number of calorie-conscious Americans. In June 1978, Philip Morris acquired The Seven Up Company.

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