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Internally, consumption regained some momentum thanks to lower inflation, which fell back to within the target range (3%-7%) fixed by the central bank.

Activity is expected to remain buoyant in 2018, with growth being driven by all sectors.

The economy benefited from the resumption of growth in Brazil and Argentina, as well as the rebound in agricultural export prices (soya, meat, dairy products).

In 2018, Uruguayan exports are expected to continue to be driven by stronger growth in its main partner markets.

At the same time, imports are expected to remain buoyant thanks to the resilience of consumption and the recovery in investment.

The divisions within the coalition also concern the free-trade agreement on services signed in October 2016 with Chile, to which the left wing of the Party is opposed, and which Parliament still hasn’t ratified one year on.

Uruguay remains a particularly stable country politically.

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