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Peppermint tea, blankets, cookies, and the views ~ it doesn't get much better than that.

There is much to enjoy out there, if you look ~ :) Thursday, December 22nd 2016 ~ It was 134 years ago today that the first electrical lights for a Christmas tree were created.

Edward Hibberd Johnson, an American electrical engineer and inventor, spent many years in various business projects with Thomas Edison and created the first electric lights on a Christmas tree on .

In his honor you can decorate a tree here, and check out lights all over the planet via any of the views, but in particular the Lights Watching views as well as any of the seasonal sites ~ Snow Watching views ~ Christmas Fairs Watching views and ~ Ice Skating Watching views ~ So enjoy the views, the days getting longer, and the lovely anticipation as Christmas nears ~ (hot chocolate and cookies all around!

) shortening days ~ Enjoy ~ Sunday, December 18th 2016 ~ The cold that is, and has been, blasting the upper mid-west and plains is seeping back into the east so frosty views are available everywhere (and as always the seasonal sites are fun to wander this time of year (listed below the driveway picture, as well as here) ~ Snow Watching ~ Christmas Fairs Watching ~ Ice Skating Watching ~ Lights Watching) and with snow and freezing rains possible it's best to brew some hot chocolate and gather the blankets for perusing the views from a position of warmth.

A quick look in at Plymouth (MA) as it is the 396th (!

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The seasonal views are available as well if you are inside, under blankets and not going out for any virtual views.

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