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That year, of course, was the 9/11 attack and subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.Along with declining liberal Democrat sympathy for Israel has been declining Democrat, particularly liberal Democrat, pride in being American.In surveys taken by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, sympathy for Israel over the Palestinians has ranged from highs of 48% in September 1997 and May 2006, to a low of 37% in July 2005.During this period the number of those saying they sympathized most with the Palestinians in their dispute with Israel never rose above the 21% recorded in September 1993.This is the case for conservative and moderate Democrats as well – far more have a more sympathetic view of Israel (53%) than of the Palestinians (19%).Liberal Democrats, however, are more divided, with four-in-ten (40%) sympathizing more with the Palestinians, versus a third (33%) with Israel.We have covered that trend in many prior posts, including both Pew and Gallup surveys.

Today, majorities of conservative Republicans (79%) and moderate and liberal Republicans (65%) say they sympathize more with Israel than with the Palestinians, while just 4% and 13%, respectively, sympathize more with the Palestinians.

In early September 2001, 50% of Republicans sympathized more with Israel, compared with 38% of Democrats.

As can be seen from these excerpts, declining Democrat sympathy for Israel is a long term trend dating back approximately to 2001.

There also are generational differences in sympathies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Older generations tend to be more sympathetic toward Israel than younger generations.

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