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Our goal has been to seek a deeper understanding of what makes men and women tick, the desires that drive people to heights of success or depths of despair, and the evolved mechanisms of mind that define who we are.

This book illuminates the dark side of sexual treachery, the mysterious puzzle of romantic love, and the central role of jealousy in our intimate relationships.

Jealousy can keep a couple committed or drive a man to savagely beat his wife.

We usually think of passion as restricted to sex or love, the burning embrace or constant craving.

But it has a broader meaning, referring to the drives and emotional fires that propel us in our quests through life.

Consider first a fundamental sex difference in our reproductive biology: fertilization takes place inside women's bodies, not men's.

Now, internal female fertilization is not universal in the biological world.

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They impel us to satisfy our desire for sex, our yearning for prestige, and our quest for love.

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  1. As seen on OPRAH, bestselling author/relationship expert Susan Winter (Allowing Magnificence and Older Women/Younger Men) specializes in evolutionary forms of loving partnership and higher thinking.