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But, the extinction in 10 years scenario is really at the outer edge of speculation about the future.

Even without imminent extinction, the consequences of climate change are more than dire enough to galvanise us into action.

all of humanity, and most other species, will be extinct in 10 years or so. The detail on his view of the climate system can be gained by reading his “monster climate change essay”.

A briefer overview, and what he bases much of the scientific side of his presentation on, comes from a blog post at the Arctic-News blogspot site, written by “Sam Carana” (not his or her real name – you know why).

What we heard was extraordinary for sure, but was not too convincing in terms of evidence.

Mc Pherson’s presentation was as much philosophy as science.

As the old saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Most of the water vapour is actually in the lowest few kilometres of the atmosphere, as the upper troposphere is too cold to support much water vapour.

Perhaps he’s thinking of the release of latent heat in the tropics, which does occur mostly in the upper troposphere, leading to a warming “hot spot” in the tropical upper troposphere as greenhouse gas concentrations rise (See AR5 WG1, figure 12.12).

Not instant death but a very unpleasant future for a very long time.

I find that prospect plenty scary enough, and it leaves room for us to take action. Mc Pherson’s views are a good example of real climate “alarmism”.

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